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Inlet Energy Announces Move to Ship Avenue

May 21, 2019

On June 3rd, 2019, Inlet Energy will be moving to a newly renovated 40,000 square foot warehouse at 1824 Ship Avenue in Anchorage.

The move will allow for all employees to be under one roof. For the customer, this means improvements in care and service, as well as better communication and operating efficiency among employees.

The new warehouse is designed for safety, quality control, and quality assurance. There will be 100k gallons of bulk oil storage, installed so customers can pull up and fill tanks on site.

TSA delay will also be eliminated with the move, allowing for easier customer access and service.

New leadership to energize Delta Western and Hawaii Petroleum companies for Saltchuk

February 22, 2018


Seattle, Wash. – On January 2, 2018, Bert Valdman became the President & CEO of North Star Petroleum­, Saltchuk’s energy distribution line of business.

Valdman brings a wealth of experience in the energy sector to the Saltchuk family of companies, most recently serving as the President & CEO of Optimum Energy, the leading provider of data-driven cooling and heating optimization solutions for enterprise facilities. Prior to joining Optimum Energy he was the Chief Strategy Officer of Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison, one of the largest electric utilities in the country. Prior to Edison, he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Puget Sound Energy where he was responsible for regulated electric and natural gas distribution operations, as well as the Customer Service, Information Technology, and Community Affairs functions. He also served as Puget Energy’s Chief Financial Officer from 2003 through 2007.

Already very familiar with the Saltchuk family of companies, Valdman served on the Saltchuk Board of Directors since April 2015.

“We are thrilled we were successful in our efforts to move Bert from being a member of the Board to a senior leader within the Saltchuk family of companies,” said Tim Engle, President of Saltchuk. “We are continually impressed by his input and look forward to working with him to grow this sector of our companies.”

North Star Petroleum oversees leading petroleum and lubricant distribution companies Delta Western Petroleum in Alaska and Hawaii Petroleum – Ohana Fuels, Minit Stop and HFN – in Hawaii. Valdman is based in the company’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

“Our companies provide critical services to the communities that our more than 500 employees live and work in. I’m looking forward to spending time across our operations and working with our teams to continue to deepen and develop our businesses in Hawaii, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest,” said Valdman.

Valdman earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Northwestern University, as well as masters and doctoral degrees from Stanford University. He serves on the board of Lakeside School and has served as a member of the board of trustees for Overlake Hospital, Puget Sound Blood Center and Pacific Northwest Ballet.




Hawaii Petroleum Receives Maui Nonprofit Directors’ Association Award –

October 20, 2016


“Community Business Award”hpi

Maui, Hawaii – The Maui Nonprofit Directors Association recently announced its award recipients at its 2016 Legislative Pau Hana event.  Hawaii Petroleum was awarded the “Community Business Award” recognizing their impressive work as an outstanding business leader in the non-profit community.

Hawaii Petroleum has a long history of community giving, donating thousands of dollars to charitable organizations and fundraising events throughout the Big Island and Maui County.   One such program is Hawaii Petroleum’s popular Ohana Fuels “Fuel up. Do good.” program.  Ohana Fuels partners with nonprofit organizations serving the needs of the local community by donating a portion of the proceeds of every gallon of gasoline sold at its stations in that community. Donations from gasoline sales during the first half of this year on the islands of Maui and the Big Island were more than $30,000.

In addition to its donations from the “Fuel up. Do good.” program, so far in 2016 Hawaii Petroleum has donated $77,499 to local communities, $45,000 of which is their contribution to Saltchuk’s Hawaii Regional Giving Program.  Hawaii Petroleum is a subsidiary of Saltchuk, a Seattle-based privately owned family of diversified transportation and distribution companies.  Saltchuk prides itself on its commitment to community giving and support, calling it the very heart of the company’s culture.  Over the past decade, Saltchuk companies have given an average of $2.5 million each year, totaling more than $20 million in cash and in-kind support to the communities in which they operate.

image1Hawaii Petroleum is proud to support local organizations and their missions that are important to their customers.  Kimo Haynes, Hawaii Petroleum President, said, “It’s an honor to receive this award.  As you know, community giving is a big part of our culture, both personally and professionally.  As a local company, our business only exists because of our community, and we feel it’s important to give back”.

Paul Tonnessen, President of the Maui Nonprofit Directors Association says, “The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui was fortunate along with numerous other nonprofits to financially benefit from the generosity of Hawaii Petroleum. We have completed a variety of educational projects that have impacted the children of abuse and neglect dramatically. Hawaii Petroleum is always reaching out to the nonprofits in various ways including the ability to participate in their quarterly give back from the fuel sales. This also allows the nonprofits the use of the Minit Stops to conduct car washes which brings not only additional revenue to the agencies but also gives them exposure in the community.  I am honored to have not only recommended Hawaii Petroleum for the “Community Business Award” but to also see that the rest of the Maui nonprofits felt the same during the voting process.  The nonprofit community recognizes the difference they have made and how they continue to impact the lives of those in need in our community. Hawaii Petroleum has and continues to show us all the true meaning of giving.”

Hawaii Petroleum Inc. is a leading independent distributor of petroleum products and lubricants on the islands of Maui and Hawaii.  Learn more at

Minit Stop Wins Gold and Silver at the Pele Awards Ceremony

May 7, 2016

New company logo and carry-out food boxes win pristine awards in HawaiiMinitStop_Logo

Kahului, HI. – Hawai`i’s top recognition for excellence in advertising design are the Pele awards. At the April 23rd award ceremony on Oahu, Minit Stop was awarded top honors amongst all of Hawai`i’s advertising and designs for their new logo and carry-out food boxes.

Gilbert & Associates, the advertising firm for Minit Stop who designed the new logo and boxes, accepted the awards on behalf of MinitStopPackaging_PeleGoldMinit Stop. The most popular and most competitive was the logo category. Minit Stop won a Silver award for the unique Minit Stop “Shaka Chicken” logo that is being launched this year at all stores (the Shaka is a gesture started and used in Hawaii and surf culture as a gesture of salutation, friendship, thank you, and gratitude).

The Gold Pele was won in the Packaging category, for the design of a fun Minit Stop food carry-out box using whimsical-isms and phrases written on the box. Jon Miyabuchi, Vice President of Minit Stop, described the boxes saying, “We wanted something that would entertain the person while enjoying the great food inside.  Kind of like when you were little and would read the cereal box when eating breakfast.”

“The recognition we received from the logo and food boxes is very exciting for our team and all of our customers, and they are currently being implemented at all of our stores on Maui and the Big Island.  It’s an exciting year at Minit Stop.  Besides the new logo and food boxes, we have the upcoming debuts of our Minit Stop App and proprietary blend coffee program.  We will be rolling out a lot of new exciting features at all of our stores—it’s an exhilarating time to be a Minit Stop fan!” said Vice President Miyabuchi.

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About Minit Stop

Minit Stop is the retail c-store brand of Hawaii Petroleum, Inc. Hawaii Petroleum is an independent petroleum marketer on the islands of Maui and Hawaii, and markets retail fuel under the Ohana Fuels. Today Minit Stop has 17 locations with 10 on Maui and 7 on the Big Island.  Minit Stop is an active contributor to the communities they serve, with the goal of providing world class customer service that perpetuates the diversity of culture in Hawaii and exemplifies a commitment to supporting strong family and community values. For more information, call (808) 891-6770, visit, “like” Minit Stop on Facebook, or follow @MinitStop on Twitter and Instagram.

North Star Petroleum expands footprint on North Slope

May 2, 2016

Saltchuk welcomes NANA Oilfield Services to the family!

Anchorage, AK –   NANA Oilfield Services (NOSI) has become the newest member of the Saltchuk family of companies.

NANANOSI will operate as as a sister company to Delta Western, the leading distributor of petroleum products and lubricants in Alaska, under North Star Petroleum, the petroleum distribution unit of Saltchuk.

NOSI’s facilities in Deadhorse distribute jet A and B aviation fuel, diesel, heating fuels and gasoline as well as drilling fluids and potable water to camps all over the North Slope. The acquisition further diversifies and expands North Star Petroleum’s footprint in the state.

“We are very happy to have NOSI as well as Brad Osborne and his team join the Saltchuk family of companies,” said Brian Bogen, President and CEO of North Star Petroleum, “We currently serve the North Slope from Delta Western’s location in Fairbanks. Expanding services in Deadhorse is reflective of our long term commitment to the state of Alaska and our oil and gas customers.”

The purchase was completed on April 30, 2016. Leadership from North Star Petroleum and Saltchuk will travel to meet with NOSI’s 36 employees in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Deadhorse over the coming week.

“It’s a great fit. Saltchuk’s values and commitment to Alaska make me very confident that we have found a great home,” said Brad Osborne, President of NOSI. Osborne will stay on as President of the company. “We’ve got a long and exciting future ahead, I’m looking forward to being a part of the Saltchuk family.”

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About North Star  Petroleum:

Formed in early 2006, North Star Petroleum is the parent company of the petroleum unit of Saltchuk Resources and has operating companies focused throughout Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. North Star Petroleum’s operating companies employ over 500 employees in the fuel and lubricants distribution and retail trade. North Star Petroleum is located in Seattle, Washington.

About Saltchuk:

Saltchuk is a privately owned family of diversified transportation and distribution companies headquartered in Seattle, Wash. Throughout North America, Saltchuk companies provide air cargo, domestic and international shipping and logistics, marine services, nationwide and Alaska trucking & logistics, and petroleum distribution. Saltchuk is a values-driven organization. We put safety first. We are reliable — we take care of our customers and conduct business with honesty and integrity. We are committed to each other, to protecting our environment, and to contributing to our communities, in a work environment where anyone would be proud for their children to work.

About NANA Oilfield  Services:

NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. (NOSI) assists North Slope Producers and contractors with the purchase of more than 5 million gallons a year of diesel, gasoline and aviation fuels, as well as all of the Chevron lubricants to keep equipment in optimum running condition. Fuel delivery on Alaska’s North Slope comes with its challenges. Despite temperatures dipping to minus 50 degrees, and wind chill factors of minus 80, NOSI has a record of on-time delivery and a reputation for quality service.