Our Story

Our Story

The Saltchuk Story

In 1982, eight investors came together to form a new partnership for the purpose of acquiring Totem Ocean Trailer Express, a domestic ocean liner service to Alaska.

The 1980s: In our first decade, we grew by adding two other marine transportation companies, including a ship management firm based in Philadelphia and Foss Maritime, an iconic Pacific Northwest tug and barge operation.

The 1990s: As we entered our second decade, we had established ourselves as a strong Pacific Northwest based maritime business. We continued to evolve by establishing an investment holding company office and acquiring additional companies that both geographically grew our maritime operations and diversified us by expanding into petroleum distribution, real estate and air cargo.

The 2000s: As we entered our third decade, we became clearly defined as a transportation company, adding trucking, consolidation and logistics operations and divesting of assets that were unrelated to our core transportation and distribution business.

Our ownership also evolved over these three decades. A strong partnership actively oversaw the business as both owners and management from 1982 to 1994, in the mid-1990s the company transitioned to primary ownership by one of the partners, Mike and Lynn Garvey. In 2009, Saltchuk became a family business when Mike and Lynn’s three daughters, Denise, Nicole and Michele, assumed the family’s majority ownership position.

Pivotal Moments in Saltchuk History