Marine Services

Marine Services

A strong family of marine services companies

A rich and storied history of innovation and service drives Saltchuk’s marine services companies. Founded in 1889 by Thea Foss, “Tugboat Annie” herself, Foss Maritime joined the Saltchuk family of companies in 1987. Today, Foss owns and operates one of the nation’s largest coastal tug and barge fleets, offering a broad range of green- and blue-water marine services in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, and beyond.

The addition of Foss Offshore Wind and the Foss New Bedford Marine Terminal, Saltchuk Marine has made significant commitments to supporting the U.S. offshore wind industry.

Founded in 1900, Young Brothers (YB) is Hawaii’s foremost inter-island freight handling and transportation company, serving individuals and businesses alike, moving goods by barge among the Hawaiian Islands.

Formed in 1924, Cook Inlet Tug & Barge is an Alaska based marine transportation company, specializing in harbor services, fuel distribution, construction and Oil & Gas industry support operating along Alaska’s entire coastline including the Port of Anchorage and Cook Inlet, Seward, Southeast Alaska, Aleutian Islands and Western/Arctic Alaska.

Since 1976, AmNav has been the leading provider of marine and harbor services in the San Francisco Bay area and provides ship assist and tanker escort services in LA/Long Beach and the San Francisco Bay.

Versatile & Responsive Marine Services

With a keen use of technology, Saltchuk Marine companies: Foss Maritime, Young Brothers, Cook Inlet Tug & Barge, and AmNav continue to lead the industry in innovative solutions, and environmental stewardship. In addition to marine services, Foss provides full technical and engineering services from naval architecture and marine engineering to vessel design, construction, and repair through its Pacific Northwest shipyard.

Saltchuk Marine Services

Quick Facts

  • 1,000 employees
  • 110+ vessels
  • The only regularly scheduled common carrier authorized by the State of Hawaii to transport goods over water from one island to another



AmNav is a tug and marine transportation company. They offer ship assist and offshore towing in California.

Cook Inlet Tug & Barge

Alaska-based maritime services provider offering construction support, offshore rig and other types of support.

Foss Maritime

The premier provider of harbor towage on the U.S. West Coast. Offering a range of maritime services worldwide.

Foss Offshore Wind

Foss Offshore Wind is a leading provider of Installation, Laydown, Supply, and Transportation Services to the US Offshore Wind Industry. We possess a dedicated fleet of highly specialized vessels, a core competency for project management services for offshore work, and a dedicated shore base in the port of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Foss New Bedford Marine Terminal

The terminal provides storage and laydown areas for equipment and materials, berth facilities for a range of vessels such as crew transfer vessels (CTV) and service operation vessels (SOV) as well as Foss tugs and barges. It will also house new office space for project teams, crew marshaling facilities, workspaces, and a marine coordination center for technicians supporting the Massachusetts Offshore Wind Industry.

Young Brothers

As Hawaii’s leading freight and transportation company, Young Brothers delivers cargo to all major Hawaiian Islands. The Port of Honolulu is its statewide hub.