Safety is our first priority.

Our Commitment

Your safety is our first priority. We want Saltchuk companies to be the kind of place where we would all be proud for our children to work; foundational to this is ensuring that everyone returns home safe and sound. As such, our goal is zero incidents across all lines of business.

Our people work across the world in demanding conditions. Whether working in the field or in the office, a culture of safety requires us all to function as one team to ensure safety is continually practiced every day.

To achieve this:

    • We foster a culture of safety within our organization, every day. We educate our people so that the lessons they learn at work they also take home.
    • We expect a personal commitment to safe processes and guidelines; this shared commitment is the foundation of our safety mentality. We work continuously to improve and protect against potential hazards.
    • We support every employee in exercising their responsibility to their team, their families, and themselves to comply with safety rules and regulations, and to speak up when there are unsafe work conditions. Every person working in our operations has stop work authority.
  • We ensure our operating companies maintain proper procedures and requirements to help prevent incidents and review best practices with the hopes that these lessons will not only make our people safe at work, but also at home.

We acknowledge and encourage employees to put these practices into action and to make a personal commitment to safety.

Safety throughout the Saltchuk family of companies

Whether on the road, in the air, or at sea – Saltchuk companies are focused on delivering customer cargo safely and reliably. This commitment is evident in all we do, and our companies take pride in creating engaging, industry-specific programs for employees at all levels within the organization.