Contact Saltchuk

Contact Saltchuk


450 Alaskan Way South, Ste. 708,
Seattle, Washington 98104


(206) 652-1111

Saltchuk, NorthStar Energy, Delta Western Petroleum, Saltchuk Marine, Foss and Northern Aviation Services are all located in the 450 Alaskan building in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. We have found that visitors using our address in mapping tools have had difficulty locating our building. To avoid a frustrating travel experience, please see directions and alternate address below to plug into navigation tools.

  • Walking/Taxi/Uber Address: 80 S. King Street, SeattleThe primary guest entrance to 450 Alaskan is located on the east side through a pedestrian walkway connecting S. King Street and S. Jackson streets, the walkway is mid-way between First Ave South and Alaskan Way South.
    • ** Please note that the delivery entrance is also located within the pedestrian walkway and there may be delivery vehicles sharing the walkway. Don’t be deterred, you are in the right place!


Parking garages in 505 First Avenue and 450 Alaskan where guests are usually directed are closed due to

COVID-19. Reduced rate street parking is available along King St, First Avenue, and in several public parking lots in the near vicinity.

Visitor & COVID-19 Protocol

For safety reasons, we ask all guests of the Saltchuk family of companies to review a Health Risk Assessment prior to visiting. When you arrive you will contact your host who will meet you in the lobby to escort you to the 7th-floor reception to check-in.

Our building and offices require the use of face coverings. If you forget yours, we can provide one.

When you arrive, please contact your host who will meet you in the lobby to escort you to our floors. You will be asked to check-in at our reception area using a touch-free form on your phone. Information gathered through our check-in process is used for evacuation safety protocol and for the purpose of contact tracing in the event that it is necessary.

You will be provided a visitor badge which should be worn and visible at all times while on the premises. After your visit, you will check out at reception.

Questions? Reception can be reached at 206.652.1111