A History of Saltchuk Growth

Saltchuk was founded in 1982 with the acquisition of our first company, Totem Ocean Trailer Express. Since then we have acquired more than 30 companies organized in six operating groups: Air Cargo, Marine Services, Energy Distribution, Domestic Shipping, International Shipping and Logistics.

We are a family-owned company with a long-term outlook. Saltchuk is poised to contribute to our industries and communities for generations to come, so for us there is no choice than to invest in our operations and let our values drive our acquisition strategy.


We offer our companies the capital and resources to support reinvestment and growth.

Our marine, truck and air fleets are among the newest in the industry. We continually reinvest in our equipment and have a strong track record of reaching beyond environmental requirements to set new standards for our industries.


A shared culture of safety, integrity and ethics is key to our success. We’ve set the goal to achieve a zero-injury workplace and require our companies to maintain safety and environmental standards they would deem acceptable for their own children.

We have found that our most successful acquisitions have been companies that share our values, therefore culture is a key element of our investment strategy.

Acquisitions & Transition Process

Saltchuk’s experienced professionals have the industry knowledge to facilitate faster, less intrusive due diligence processes. When the timing is right, our closely-held ownership and family leadership can make decisions quickly.

Most of our acquisitions have been family-owned companies, and we understand the importance of the transition process. We work with the sellers to jointly develop a post-acquisition plan for the company, its employees and its partners.  By agreeing to a plan, we have found that we are able to create a smoother transition process for all of the parties involved and are better able to achieve the objectives that led both the buyer and seller into the transaction.


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