Saltchuk PAC

Saltchuk PAC

For over 25 years, Saltchuk Political Action Committee (PAC) has been voluntarily managed and financed by employees to be a bi-partisan, transparent, and effective way to support the election of Members of Congress who understand our heavily-regulated businesses.

The Saltchuk Political Action Committee (PAC) enables our company to positively affect the electoral process and support key federal candidates who are supportive of Saltchuk’s public policy priorities. Just as important, a PAC allows Saltchuk companies and their employees to work together and speak with one, unified voice on key issues of importance, regardless of political affiliation.

What is a PAC?

A federal Political Action Committee, or PAC, is an entity registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for the purpose of raising funds from eligible employees in order to support federal candidates for office. Under federal law, corporations cannot contribute directly to candidates in federal elections. A company’s PAC only exists by voluntary contributions from their employees.

Who can contribute?

Federal law prohibits the Saltchuk Resources, Inc. PAC (the “PAC”) from soliciting donations from anyone other than stockholders, executive and administrative employees, and the families of such individuals (the “restricted class”). Contributions received from any other person will be returned to the donor. It is a violation of Saltchuk employee rules to enter this site unless you are a member of the restricted class. Employees desiring additional information on their eligibility to participate or about the activities of the PAC may contact Chris Coakley at (202) 650-6910 or . Members of the PAC’s restricted class may enter the site by entering their password.


Eligible employees: log in to the PAC Portal to contribute




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