Saltchuk makes largest land donation in Sacramento Habitat for Humanity’s history by donating over 11 acres

February 14, 2014

Following the celebration of Sacramento Habitat for Humanity’s 100th completed home in Sacramento County, the local Habitat affiliate receives the largest land donation in their history and the foundation to build 100 more.

SEATTLE, WA – SACRAMENTO, CA – Last January, when Sacramento Habitat for Humanity CEO Ken Cross, received a call from a Seattle-based transportation and petroleum distribution company looking to donate some land, he wasn’t too sure about the call’s authenticity.

Admits Cross, “It’s very rhabitat logoare for us to get land donated to us. But whenever I get a call, I always make sure to call them back… just in case”

As it turns out, the “transportation company” was Saltchuk Resources, parent company to California operations such as Foss, AmNav and Interstate Distributor Co., which also manages a large-scale commercial real estate development and management portfolio, who was soon to make the largest land donation in Sacramento Habitat for Humanity’s 28-year history.

Says Cross, “I was really glad I called him back.”

Saltchuk recently donated two properties containing over 11 acres of land to the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The properties, 5.4 acres in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Neq Wah Avenue and Indian Lane and 5.7 acres at the southwest corner of Walerga Road and Don Julio Boulevard, had a total combined asking price of $709,000. The transfer and closing of the two properties was completed on Friday, December 27th.

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity just recently dedicated their 100th completed home in Sacramento last month. With the amount of land and lots in Saltchuk’s donated properties, Sacramento Habitat CEO, Ken Cross believes this land donation has the potential for 100 more.

Foss' John Marcantonio accepted the 2014 Hammy Award on behalf of Saltchuk.

Foss’ John Marcantonio accepted the 2014 Hammy Award on behalf of Saltchuk

When Sacramento Habitat will start building on the land is still very much up in the air as the local Habitat affiliate currently has 11 homes already under construction which they hope to be completed by years end. When they start building on the donated land from Saltchuk will depend greatly on home sponsorship financial contributions and volunteer support. A typical Habitat home costs $170,000 to build and over 4,000 hours of volunteer labor.

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity serves low-income families who provide 500 hours building their home and take on a 0% interest mortgage upon move in. To date, there have been zero foreclosures.

Sacramento Habitat recognized the generous land donation by Saltchuk at their 20th Annual Hammy Awards Dinner on February 19th.

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