Building the Best by Land, Air and Sea

At Saltchuk, we oversee some of the country’s most recognized transportation and distribution companies. Together, we provide essential services to our communities.

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Marine Services: A Portal to the World

Saltchuk Marine, our harbor and global marine services companies,
have one of the largest coastal tug and barge fleet in the Pacific.

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Aviation Services: Above & Beyond

Saltchuk Aviation, our air cargo business,
delivers expertise to a broad range of businesses
and industries worldwide.

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Energy Distribution: Fueling Communities

Our independent petroleum marketer and distributor
serves Alaska and Hawaii with respect for the environment.

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Dedicated to
Alaska, Hawaii & Florida

Our full-service supply chain logistics companies are dedicated to solving even the most complex logistics challenges.

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Domestic Shipping: Leading the Industry

TOTE companies proudly serve Alaska and Puerto Rico
and provide ship management services around the world.

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International Shipping: Caribbean & Beyond

Tropical Shipping provides the fastest, most reliable transportation to The Bahamas and Caribbean.

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Our Companies Shine as a Family

Our vision is to build a family of the best transportation and distribution companies in North America. Our companies complement each other while being leaders in their industries. They share Saltchuk’s values of reliability, safety and commitment, and we nurture their success for the long haul.

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We Share a Common Code of Ethics

Saltchuk is a family business. We want each of our companies to be the kind of place where anyone would be proud for their children to work, so we expect everyone at all of our companies to meet the highest standards of honest, ethical business behavior. Our Code of Ethics is not just a document–it’s a promise.

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