Marine Services

Marine Services

Foss: A Northwest Icon

Foss was Saltchuk’s first tug and barge company. Today, Foss owns and operates one of the nation’s largest coastal tug and barge fleets, offering a broad range of green- and blue-water marine services. Foss serves the world’s largest oil and gas companies, international shipping companies and a variety of governmental and nongovernmental agencies. In addition, with two Pacific Northwest shipyards, Foss provides full technical and engineering services from naval architecture and marine engineering to vessel design, construction, and repair.

Saltchuk’s Marine Services Business

Foss has a rich history of innovation in the Northwest and has given Saltchuk a “window to the world.” Founded in 1889 by Thea Foss, “Tugboat Annie” herself, Foss has seen tremendous growth over the years and expanded our global capabilities. With a keen use of technology, Foss and its subsidiaries continue to lead the industry in innovative solutions, and environmental stewardship. They brought several firsts to the industry, like the first tanker assist vessels and the first Green Assist™ hybrid tug.

Foss Maritime Services

  • Marine Transportation Services
    • Oil Field Services
    • International Project Cargo Transportation
    • Domestic Cargo Transportation
  • Technical & Engineering Services
    • Two Full Service Shipyards
    • New Vessel Construction
    • Vessel Maintenance & Repair Services
    • Yacht Services
    • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Harbor Services
    • Ship Assist & Tanker Escort
    • Bunker & Petroleum Transportation
    • Construction Support
    • Terminal Services
    • Emergency Response Rescue Towing
    • Regional Towing
    • Barge Mooring
  • Liner Barge Services

Quick Facts

  • $430+M annual revenue
  • 1,600 employees
  • 200+ vessels
  • Built and owns the world’s first hybrid tugs
  • Two Pacific Northwest shipyards