Foss Maritime Opens Houston Office

October 12, 2015

John Tirpak will lead the Houston office.

John Tirpak will lead the Houston office.

Mike Lauer will head up the new PM group

Mike Lauer will head up the new PM group

Creating New Marine Transportation Project Management Group

SEATTLE, WA. –  Foss recently announced the opening of a new office to support and grow its increasing customer base headquartered in Houston, Texas, and the formation of a new project management group.

John Tirpak of Foss has been appointed Vice President of Business Development & Contract Services and will be relocating to Houston to develop business in the region and lead the business development function of the entire Marine Transportation division from the new office. He will oversee domestic and international business development, sales and marketing. Additionally, Tirpak will manage long-term Marine Transportation contracts like CN Aquatrain, TECK and United Launch Alliance.

Mike Lauer of Foss has been appointed Director of Marine Transportation Project Services and will be leading the project management unit. This group is comprised of project management and global logistics specialists focused on analyzing and finding solutions for the transportation activities of Foss. This group, based out of Foss’ corporate offices in Seattle, will manage all Foss term contracts and all project tows and transportation projects.

The project management unit will work closely with Foss’ Harbor Marine Group, a division of the company comprised of naval architects and a complete suite of specialists practicing in all fields of engineering. This group has been a part of Foss since 2006, offering project management, marine engineering, naval architecture and design, and expertise in rigging and fabrication.

“By separating our business development and project management functions, we will on one hand be able to provide our customers with a team focused entirely on the development, oversight and management of all aspects of their projects; while at the same time supporting our internal need to grow the Marine Transportation division with dedicated business development efforts in areas like Houston that have the most opportunity for growth,” said Gary Faber, Senior Vice President, Marine Transportation and President, Global Services.

“When combined with the Harbor Marine Group’s naval architecture, engineering and rigging expertise, we will be able to take on any marine transportation project from cradle-to-grave, giving our customers the very highest level of service and an uncompromising focus on the safety of our employees, our customers and the environment in the delivery of the services at hand,” Faber added.

Both Tirpak and Lauer are long-time Foss employees. “As part of the restructuring of the division, I looked to these two seasoned professionals, both with in-depth knowledge of our operations, our personnel and our customers’ needs, to lead the key functions of business development and project management,” said Faber. “They share a focus on continually improving customer service and building strong relationships between our customers and staff with an eye to the future.”

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