John Parrott to Assume Role of President of Foss Maritime

June 17, 2016

Paul Stevens to transition to executive role at parent company

SEATTLE, Wash., –  Foss Maritime Company Chief Operating Officer John Parrott will take over the role of President of Foss Maritime, assuming responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the company as of August 1, 2016. Current President and CEO, Paul Stevens, will remain CEO of Foss until the end of 2016. He will then move to Foss’ parent company, Saltchuk, where he will serve as Senior Vice President and Managing Director.John Parrott to assume role as President of Foss. 

Parrott, who came to Foss as COO in January of this year from sister company TOTE Maritime, takes the helm with over 28 years of maritime experience, both at sea and ashore. “Foss is an incredibly dynamic company,” said Parrott. “We are building on more than 125 years of safe, innovative service, and we have an exciting road ahead. I’m honored to be part of this iconic company.”

Paul Stevens to transition to Saltchuk.

Paul Stevens to transition to Saltchuk.

Paul Stevens has had a distinguished maritime career for more  than 40 years. “I’m happy to turn over the company to someone with an extensive maritime background and who has earned the respect of our owner group at Saltchuk through his contributions at TOTE Maritime,” said Stevens.

“Paul has led Foss through an incredible period of growth and has served as an adept leader within our company for more than 13 years,” said Tim Engle, President of Saltchuk. “We are grateful that we will continue to have Paul’s leadership and expertise serving the entire Saltchuk family of companies.”

In his new role at Saltchuk, Stevens will support various strategic initiatives currently underway and will help support Saltchuk’s growth activities.




Founded in 1889, Seattle-based Foss Maritime offers a complete range of maritime services and project management to customers across the Pacific Rim, Europe, South America and around the globe. Foss has one of the largest fleets of tugs and barges on the American West Coast. The company has harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports, including the Columbia and Snake River system, Hawaii and Alaska. Foss operates two shipyards and offers worldwide marine transportation, emphasizing safety, environmental responsibility and high-quality service. See for more information.

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