Introducing Shoreside Logistics, providing inland transportation solutions for Florida shipping companies

May 4, 2017

Newest Saltchuk brand dedicated to Port of Palm Beach & Port of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL  On April 24th, the newest brand in the Saltchuk family of companies began operation in the Port of Palm Beach. Shoreside Logistics is now providing inland transportation support for shipping companies in West Palm Beach and Jacksonville.

In West Palm, Shoreside is hiring 25-30 owner-operators to support work contracted with Tropical Shipping and is recruiting owner-operators in Jacksonville to support inland transportation operations for TOTE Maritime.

Tim Nelson, President of Shoreside has served as the VP of Southeast Operations for Interstate Distributor (IDC) the last three years and is looking forward to growing the new asset-light logistics company.

“Our first and most critical priority is a seamless service to Tropical and TOTE Maritime, our two largest customers. We are committed to providing world class service to them and are very excited to be able to focus on the drayage business,” said Nelson.

The new company is headquartered near the Port of Jacksonville and will be operating out of IDC’s former office and warehouse space in both Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. The company is currently recruiting owner-operators to work in both West Palm Beach and Jacksonville.

“We see great potential for Shoreside Logistics in the Florida market. There’s incredible opportunity for us to serve the larger market as the Southeast sees increased volumes,” said Nelson. “We’re in a better position under this model to react to the changing market and remain competitive.”

Visit to learn more about the newest Saltchuk company.

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