TOTE Maritime Working Closely with Partners to Expedite Cargo, Restore Critical Infrastructure to Puerto Rico

October 4, 2017

Eduardo Pagan, VP and General Manager for TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, meets with Governor Rosello at the TOTE Terminal in San Juan

Jacksonville, FL – TOTE Maritime continues to work closely with a variety of partners and the Puerto Rican government to expedite cargo and restore critical infrastructure to communities throughout Puerto Rico. TOTE Maritime is providing logistical support for the government for all cargo and containers they are distributing as well as providing transportation for communications and power companies bringing supplies to the island.

TOTE Maritime, in partnership with customers, vendors and the broader community, continues to increase productivity at the terminal. TOTE Maritime is at 80 percent productivity. Productivity continues to improve every day thanks to the hard work of Puerto Ricans who are committed to distributing goods communities, stores and shelters around the island.

TOTE Maritime continues to coordinate with the Red Cross and other relief organizations to ensure the timely and consistent arrival of goods to the island. The Isla Bella arrived on Sunday October 1 with more than 1040 FEUS of cargo. In the last 2 days more than 550 containers have left TOTE Maritime’s facility in San Juan for distribution in communities and delivery to stores. In addition, the Perla del Caribe is scheduled to arrive on Friday with 1060 FEUs of cargo. These shipments include bucket trucks, electrical poles, food, water, ice and fuel amongst other critical items for the island.

TOTE Maritime is shipping trucks and other key equipment for power and communications companies

TOTE Maritime is committed to supporting Puerto Rico throughout the recovery and rebuilding process.

Other TOTE Maritime efforts include:

  •  Transportation of relief and recovery goods for more than 20 organizations including businesses, FEMA and various non-governmental organizations
  • Facilitate the immediate need of a large generator to one of Puerto
  • Rico’s major food distributors to support relief throughout the island
  •  Engagement of key power contractors to support increased generator capacity on island
  • Terminal operations seven days a week to allow for distribution of goods throughout the week
  • Donations of water and ice to the government for key communities
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