Careers at Saltchuk

Careers at Saltchuk

A Workplace To Believe In

At Saltchuk, our goal is to create a work environment throughout our businesses where anyone would be proud for their children to work. That means providing a workplace that’s committed to safety and operating with the utmost honesty and integrity, as well as giving employees the benefits, job security and growth opportunities they need to succeed.

What do we look for in an employee?

We are always seeking people who share our values and take pride in being professional. We look for pride, integrity, grit, approachability and commitment. It’s important at Saltchuk to be able to work productively with others. If you’re looking for a long-term career, this is a great place to build one.

What types of jobs do Saltchuk companies offer?

We’re a big organization with a broad variety of needs. For example

  • Seagoing: You can work aboard our fleet of sea vessels, like ships and tugs.
  • Operations: Work in our operations throughout the country, from air ports to marine and truck terminals.
  • Shipyard: Join Foss’s team of expert shipbuilders.
  • Trucking: Drive long haul or local routes as a team, individual, or owner-operator.
  • Leadership: Grow as a leader in Legal, Finance, Sales, Operations, Quality, Audit, etc.
  • Office/Clerical: Build your career in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Pricing or Customer Services at operations around the country (mostly in WA, AK, HI and FL).

How can I apply?

Saltchuk companies manage their hiring individually, please visit the Saltchuk Job Board or visit their websites to contact them directly regarding career opportunities.

What benefits does Saltchuk offer?

We offer at-market or better benefits. Specifics depend on the company you work for, but common benefits include standard health and wellness benefits, as well as retirement packages.

What other advantages will you have?

As part of a network of industry-leading companies, you’ll have some unique advantages.

  • Safety: You’ll know the equipment is well maintained and there is a shared commitment to safety.
  • Diversity: Saltchuk is an equal opportunity employer and honors the value of diversity in the workplace. For example, our company is female-owned, and our women’s leadership initiative promotes opportunities for women in our industries.
  • Growth: Our companies are all poised for growth, and it takes people to make that happen. Ultimately, we envision growth paths across companies, as well.
  • Security: We nurture our companies for the long-term and envision a company where generations can enjoy rewarding careers.
  • Culture: We’re a family business that values treating one another fairly and well. We take pride in our work and challenge each other to be forward thinking and ethical in all we do.

Saltchuk is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Saltchuk prohibits discrimination on the basis of race; gender, gender identity, or gender expression; sexual orientation; geographic background; national origin; culture; age; disability; Veteran status; economic status; marital status; religious beliefs; or genetics.

Saltchuk companies abide by all applicable hour, wage, labor, and employment laws in the locations where we do business. We are committed to allowing all employees to contribute to our success and have established processes to engage employees with disabilities in an individualized inquiry to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made.