Visitor Check In

We look forward to welcoming you to our offices at 450 Alaskan. For directions, click here.

Upon Arrival 

When you arrive, please contact your host who will meet you in the lobby to escort you to our floors. You will be asked to check in at our reception area using a touch-free form on your phone. Information gathered through our check-in process is used for evacuation safety protocol and for the purpose of contact tracing in the event that it is necessary.

You will be provided a visitor badge which should be worn and visible at all times while on the premises. After your visit, you will check out at reception.

Please contact our facilities manager  if you have any questions.


Saltchuk COVID-19 Visitor Health Risk Assessment

Please complete the health risk assessment within 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit to our offices.


COVID-19 Health Risk Assessment

​​​​Please take the following self-assessment related to Stage 1 return to office at 450 Alaskan.

1. In the past 14 days, were you or any member of your household in close contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19? *

2. In the last 72 hours, did you or any member of your household experience or take a fever-reducing medication to treat a temperature above 98.6° F?

3. In the last 72 hours, did you or any member of your household experience any of the following symptoms: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chills, cough, fatigue, congestion or runny nose, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste, or symptoms of acute respiratory illness?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, please do not visit our office.  You do not meet the criteria for safe entry.

If you answered NO to all three questions: you are welcome to visit our office.


* Close contact defined as being within 6 feet of a COVID-19 case for a prolonged period (>10 minutes) or had direct contact with infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed or sneezed on) of a COVID-19 case.

NOTE:  Individuals that have been instructed by a medical professional to isolate or quarantine for a minimum determined period of time are asked to abide by those instructions.​​​​​​​