Able Seaman Western Alaska/North Slope

Location: Anchorage

Company: Cook Inlet Tug & Barge

Employment Type: Seasonal

Region: Alaska

Job Category: Seagoing

Publish Date: March 6, 2020

Company Description: Cook Inlet Tug & Barge is a marine transportation company, specializing in harbor services and fuel distribution, with focus on the Port of Anchorage and Cook Inlet, Seward, Southeast Alaska, Aleutian Islands and Western Alaska.


  • Seasonal
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

Cook Inlet Tug & Barge

We’re Alaska’s Tug and Barge Company – and we’re growing.

Cook Inlet Tug & Barge has been dedicated to providing marine services without equal since 1924. Specializing in harbor services and fuel distribution throughout South Central, Southeast and Western Alaska, we’re not looking to hire just anyone. We seek skilled and experienced mariners who crave adventure and take pride in their ability to get things done in a challenging environment. Visit www.cookinlettug.com to learn more about us.

Who are you?

Simply put, Cook Inlet Tug & Barge doesn’t have every day, run-of-the-mill mariners. Our crews are skilled and have experience in Alaska petroleum towing, Arctic coastal tug operation, or working in Prudhoe Bay. If a steady paycheck on its own isn’t enough for you – and you don’t like doing the same thing over and over – this is the job for you. To work in Alaska you have to have a sense of adventure, like the flexibility of seasonal work, and enjoy what you do. Here at CITB, you’ll get a professional challenge in a remote environment with a stunning backdrop to add to your life experiences. You’ll earn a good living and a story you can tell for decades to come while working with an extraordinary team at an energetic company bursting at the seams with opportunity!

The Role

Multiple openings are available. Opportunities include both Able Seaman and Able Seaman/Tankerman positions depending on your qualifications/experience. As an Able Seaman and/or an Able Seaman/Tankerman, you’ll keep our vessels in a state of readiness to perform work for customers as needed, working at the direction of the Captain of the vessel. The job includes pulling heavy lines, and climbing onto and walking on barges, boats, and narrow barge walkways. Your deck must be hosed down and free of all lines and gear. You’ll also make up all tows and multiple barge tows as directed by the Captain. It’s a seasonal position – four to eight months. As leaders in our industry, we take crew comfort seriously, and you can always expect to work on and with outstanding equipment.



As an AB or an AB Tankerman working for CITB you're the person who keeps things running smoothly on board the vessel. From keeping the crew fed, stocked with supplies and common areas clean, to keeping equipment and paint in tip-top shape - you are an integral part of the team. You'll help maintain a safe work environment on the vessel by implementing company policies, procedures, and general maritime industry-standards. The job requires you to use equipment like winches, capstan, peavey, pike pole, pumps, and the articulated loader. You'll operate the VHF portable radio, splice lines and perform lubrication services as well as fuel the boat and properly tie off barge and raft tows. You'll give proper direction and distance signals and information, taking readings on each watch to complete barge reports and engine room logs. You'll check the oil in the auxiliary and main engines before starting, and check engine room hourly for leaks, broken fuel and oil lines, etc. If the oil or filter needs to be changed, you'll do that too before wiping down the engines of oil every night. You'll take on fuel and water, pump bilges and drain the water out of air tanks. You'll tighten and grease/replace shaft-packing before leaving the boat, and perform special duties and other projects as assigned.

Tankerman additional duties: You will be responsible for devising load and discharge plans based off our customer's orders. Multiple products will be loaded and discharged at multiple terminals, so a sound knowledge of tank/pipeline cleaning preparation to prevent product contamination is crucial. You will be responsible for connecting/disconnecting cargo hoses.



  • Able Bodied Seaman endorsement (AB Limited with a valid STCW endorsement preferred).
  • Valid USCG Merchant Mariner Document, or Merchant Mariner Credential, HAZWOPER, Tankerman PIC endorsement (DL) (preferred).
  • Proficiency with multi-product loads preferred for tankerman, not required for an Able Seaman.
  • Experienced with barges equal to or greater than 30,000 barrel capacity preferred for tankerman, not required for an Able Seaman.
  • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).
  • Valid driver's license.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Legally approval to work in the United States.

Experience and Skills:

  • You're physically fit enough to: climb aboard tugs and barges, ascend and descend ladders and balance while aboard vessels in a seaway; kneel, stoop, use stairs, reach overhead, and stand for long periods.
  • You're not afraid of heights or narrow walkways.
  • You are able to work weekends, nights, and holidays as part of the job and extreme weather conditions like rain, ice, snow, heat, and wind don't bother you.