Safety & Compliance Officer

Location: Prudhoe Bay

Company: Northern Oilfield Services Inc. (NOSI)

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Alaska

Job Category: Safety

Publish Date: November 29, 2018

Company Description: Northern Oilfield Services, Inc. (NOSI) provides a wide range of field support services to Alaska’s largest oil and mining companies. We provide on-site service and products through our NOSI Operations Facility and Tank Farm, both located near Deadhorse Airport on the North Slope. NOSI has created a culture of safety, and is committed to exceed industry standards and regulations. Staff are regularly trained in product knowledge, applications, health, safety and environmental compliance.


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

Northern Oilfield Services Inc. (NOSI)

Work two weeks on and two weeks off on the Slope, delivering programs to ensure employee safety.   Imagine spending two weeks on the Slope with the crew, training, maintaining DOT compliance and working with executive management to make a difference for the health and safety of Northern Oilfield Solutions.


• Identify and appraise conditions which could produce accidents and financial loses and evaluate potential extent of injuries that result from accidents.

• Implement employee training program based on SPCC standards and procedures for handling and transfer of fuels, tank farm operation and maintenance and spill reporting and response.

• Coordinate safety, training and implementation of customer on-field operation requirements.

• Develop accident-prevention and loss-control systems and programs for incorporation into operational polices of the organization.

• Coordinate safety activities to ensure implementation of safety activities throughout the organization.

• Compile, analyze and interpret statistical data related to exposure factors concerning occupational illnesses and accidents and prepare reports for information of personnel concerned.

• Maintain liaison with subsidiary organizations and outside operations such as fire departments, mutual aid societies and rescue teams to assure information exchange and mutual assistance.

• Devise methods to evaluate safety program and conducts or directs evaluations.

• Evaluate technical and scientific publications concerned with safety management and participates in activities of related professional organizations to update knowledge of safety program developments.

• Update compliance of the FMCSA’s rules and regulations.


This position requires:

• Bachelor's degree

• Excellent communication and organization skills required.

• Project and team management/leadership skills and experience. Proven ability to work effectively in a team environment with associates. Capability of effective planning and priority setting. Ability to manage several complex projects simultaneously while working under pressure to meet deadlines.

• Strong analytical skills and a thorough knowledge of Safety Compliance Management programs.

• Computer proficiency and technical aptitude with the ability to utilize MS Word, Excel, Access and Power Point, as well as various other software programs.

• Knowledge of DOT, EPA and OSHA compliance to assist in best practices.

• Ability to travel using all forms of common transportation used in Alaska.