NSMV Program Manager

Location: Multiple

Company: TOTE Services

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Other

Job Category: Management

Publish Date: April 16, 2020

Company Description: Since 1975, TOTE Services has provided full technical management and partial management/ crewing services for nearly one-hundred vessels of various sizes and configurations. We know that great companies are built by great people who embody our company’s values and vision. Whether we’re hiring for a shoreside or seagoing position, we look for people who can help us provide the world’s best ship management, marine operations, and vessel services. TOTE Services strives to lead the industry in safety, quality, and operational excellence and the TOTE Services team is critical to our success. www.toteservices.com


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

TOTE Services

This position is responsible to TOTE Services for management and supervision of all aspects of the NSMV Vessel Construction Management contract with the USDOT Maritime Administration.  Oversight includes all personnel assigned to the NSMV project including the shipyard subcontractor and outside teaming partners.  Liaison responsibilities include working with MARAD Contracting Officer, COR, NSMV Program Manager and all other U.S. government employees dedicated to the NSMV project. This position will report on all NSMV contract and shipyard subcontracted activities to build the NSMV as well as coordinate and prepare contractual and technical matters alongside senior management at TOTE. Overall the position must ensure timely and proper submission of VCM contract deliverables and ensure alignment of all plans, processes and data handling in relation to the NSMV.

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  • Communicates regularly with management personnel at the shipyard and on the various teams that support NSMV construction and other personnel as required. Provides advice/ instruction as necessary with regards to contractual and company requirements/ procedures.
  • Overall responsibility of managing the relationships of the organization to the public regarding the NSMV project in order to nurture a strong industry network, increase awareness and develop a corporate image by developing and executing effective communication programs with respect to the development and construction of the NSMV.
  • Maintain Government contractual alignment between TOTE Services prime VCM contract and the commercial shipyard subcontract as well as other NSMV and TOTE Services subcontract teaming relationships.
  • Ensure TOTE Services is executing all facets of the VCM NSMV contract and shipyard subcontract in accordance with the Government contractual statements of work.
  • Oversight of the TOTE NSMV program team members and the contracted shipyard that has been selected to build the NSMV and all teaming partners responsible to TOTE regarding but not limited to engineering and information technology for the NSMV.
  • Ensure that the subcontractor and all teaming partners are performing in accordance with their contractual statements of work.
  • Manages the development and submission of all VCM contract deliverables. Review all deliverables prior to submission to MARAD and submit final versions of deliverables to the MARAD VCM contracting officer.  Ensure that all document and deliverable production is assigned by role for initial preparation, to include the identification of required peer review, cross-team endorsements and/or leadership approvals.
  • Monitors the development and implementation of the VCM Integrated Management Schedule (IMS) to ensure that the NSMV project is executed in accordance with the IMS.
  • Reviews work plans and milestone payment requests prior to submittal to MARAD and reviews all contract invoices prior to submission to MARAD. Submits requests for contract change orders as may be required during period of performance due to new requirements requested by MARAD that exceed original statement of work. Fixed price change orders are to be discussed/approved with/by the Contract Executive, VP of Marine Operations for Government and Commercial prior to submission to MARAD.
  • Monitors expenditures to ensure the contracts remain within fixed price allowances.
  • Ensure all contractual and formal plans reflect these activities and outcomes and ensure documents with expected impacts or resultant products are directly linked and monitored for contractual compliance and serve or represent TOTE Services as required deliverables.
  • Represent TOTE Services at all major Government and Commercial program engagements and maintain outcomes, field concerns, address any deviations and provide for contractual changes or corrective actions.
  • Ensure compliance with the security and safety requirements for the project.
  • Oversight of analyses, calculations, and tasks completed by others, to ensure milestones are achieved, deliverables meet scopes of service (and company quality standards), and budgets are maintained according to negotiated contract terms and agreements.
  • Assists the Company in any necessary duties to achieve Company goals.
  • Normal work location is Philly Shipyard Inc located in Philadelphia PA. (the shipyard constructing the NSMV). Frequent travel to TOTE Services Jacksonville, FL home office and to MARAD Headquarters may be required throughout the period of performance as needed to manage the contracts.


  • 4-year degree or relevant experience in marine transportation, construction management, shipyard management, naval architecture, or marine engineering; five years of documented Senior Program Management experience in U.S. Government Shipbuilding projects.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate well-developed inter-personal skills.
  • Set and achieve high standards of performance.
  • Experience in management of Government contracts is desired.