NAC Director of Heavy Maintenance

Location: Anchorage

Company: Northern Air Cargo

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Alaska

Job Category: Maintenance

Publish Date: December 23, 2019

Company Description: Northern Air Cargo (NAC), headquartered in Anchorage, is Alaska largest all-cargo airline and the longest continuously operating cargo airline in North America. NAC has provided airfreight services to Alaska’s rural communities for more than 60 years and is rapidly expanding to include air cargo flight operations throughout the western hemisphere and Hawaii. NAC maintains a fleet of Boeing 737 and 767 freighters and operates pilot bases in Anchorage, Honolulu, Miami and Laredo. NAC’s fleet of B737s provide schedule service between Anchorage and 13 Alaska communities and charter service throughout North America (both on-demand and ACMI). While the B767 fleet operates out of Miami in support of sister company StratAir and out of Honolulu in support of sister company Aloha Air Cargo.


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

Northern Air Cargo

Position is responsible for directing and leading heavy maintenance activities, to include: Heavy Maintenance Visits (HMV), C Checks, Bridging, Modification, Heavy Structural Repair and contracting of Maintenance Repair Operations (MROs) associated with heavy maintenance. The Director of Heavy Maintenance has the responsibility, authority, knowledge and qualifications to plan, organize, direct and control key activities, change procedures and make safety risk acceptance decisions for the policies and processes within the Company systems s/he is responsible for.


• Continually monitors NAC policies and procedures to ensure that the highest degree of safety and compliance is maintained, and safety risk controls are effective.

• Develop, implement and maintain Safety Management System (SMS) processes that are applicable to maintenance operations in accordance with Safety Management Manual, Chapter 3.

• Management and administration of the approved maintenance program as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations and the Company Maintenance Operations Specifications.

• Responsible for identifying hazards within the Company’s operations and systems and reporting those hazards through the WBAT or departmental hazard reporting systems.

• Reports the status of all aircraft in HMV, Bridging and Modification as well as assigned personnel and equipment to the Senior Director, Maintenance on a set, routine basis.

• Positively supports and promotes safety, security and quality as fundamental functions of the position.

• Acts to resolve any problems or situations that may compromise safety or compliance.

• Conducts risk assessment and accepts risk. Promotes safety, facilitates hazard identification, ensures effectiveness of risk controls, advises AE on performance of SMS and needs for improvement, facilitates or conducts risk assessment, conducts Safety Risk Management, and facilitates safety assurance.

• Responsible for the performance of Heavy Maintenance (HMV) on the NAC Fleet.

• Recommends procedures and methods that will improve the quality and economic efficiency of maintenance.

• Responsible for implementation of all HMV, Bridging and modification work scopes required to be accomplished by MRO’s worldwide.

• Ensures all work accomplished by MRO’s is performed in accordance with all NAC policies and procedures.

• Coordinates with NAC quality control, Stores and logistics and planning functions to ensure timely actions are performed to complete heavy maintenance in accordance with NAC/MRO’s scheduled timelines.

• Ensures all NAC procedures are accomplished within the MRO, including training, manual currency, SDR filing, and engineering requirements.

• Responsible for the functions and requirements for the project managers, maintenance representatives, and material representatives.

• Assists personnel under his jurisdiction in the solution of maintenance problems.

• Ensures MRO’s follow required procedures within NAC and MFG repair guidelines.

• Performs additional duties, as assigned by the Senior Director, Maintenance



• Have 3 years of closely related experience. Experience must be within the past 6 years and at least 1 year must have been in the position of maintenance inspector or production supervisor with a combination of the following: Maintaining large transport category aircraft with ten or more passenger seats.

Experience in maintaining the same category and class of airplane as the certificate holder uses. Repairing airplanes in a certificated FAR Part 145 repair station that is rated to maintain airplanes in the same category and class of airplane as the certificate holder.

• Must have a thorough knowledge of: Applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) FAA Operating Certificate issues and Operations Specifications, (Will train on company operations and procedures, Inventory policies and procedures, Company manuals and Company Training Program.)

• Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test, 5-year background check, 10-year criminal history check and security threat assessment.

• Hold, or be eligible to hold, a valid passport from country of nationality.

• Be legally able to travel into foreign countries, i.e., no outstanding warrants or DUI’s on record that have not been rehabilitated.