LMSR Port Engineer

Location: Jacksonville

Company: TOTE Services

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Florida

Job Category: Engineering

Publish Date: July 25, 2019

Company Description: Since 1975, TOTE Services has provided full technical management and partial management/ crewing services for nearly one-hundred vessels of various sizes and configurations. We know that great companies are built by great people who embody our company’s values and vision. Whether we’re hiring for a shoreside or seagoing position, we look for people who can help us provide the world’s best ship management, marine operations, and vessel services. TOTE Services strives to lead the industry in safety, quality, and operational excellence and the TOTE Services team is critical to our success. www.toteservices.com


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

TOTE Services

Purpose of Job:

TOTE Services is a leading ship management company based in the U.S. We provide uncompromised superior service to affiliated ship owners, U.S. Government, domestic and international third-party ship owners. Our TOTE values of Safety, Commitment, and Integrity guide every action and decision, justifying our reputation as a company of integrity that cares deeply for its people. We are recruiting candidates to join our team to support operations & maintenance of 8 Military Sealift Command, Large, Medium-Speed Roll-on/Roll-off (LMSR) vessels.  This position is responsible for the supervision and support of every aspect of assigned MSC vessels while they are in port, at sea and in dry-dock. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepares and monitors operating budget for vessels including, but not limited to procurement requisitions for goods and services to support Maintenance & Repair.
  • Prepares operating budgets and long-term fiscal work plans for vessels and submits to the Director of Ship Management and Vice President of Marine Operations for finalization and presentation to the Owner.
  • Ensures that all program mandated equipment alterations, and system improvements are incorporated to the greatest extent possible into Owner’s assets.
  • Reviews, approves and processes material and spares requisitions submitted by the vessels.
  • Generates and processes additional requisitions for goods and services to support outside industrial assistance and repairs.
  • Coordinates with the Captains and the Chief Engineers to manage vessel repairs, and preventative maintenance and requisitioning for spares, goods, and services.
  • Negotiates prices and issues purchasing orders for replacement parts with outside vendors.
  1. Serves as liaison between key stakeholders to ensure proper cargo logistics.
  • Coordinates with Captain and First Officer to ensure proper cargo logistics.
  • Communicates directly with various TOTE Department Managers on vessel status including crewing and operational issues.
  • Maintains close contact with customer representatives for all program daily operations as well as special requests.
  • Coordinates proper lay-up of critical equipment and systems.
  1. Prepares reports of and maintains records for all inspections and surveys required by classification societies and government agencies.
  • Keeps records of engineering performance and costs for vessels. Submit reports as required.
  • Maintains records of all annual, bi-annual, mid-terms, etc. inspections and surveys required by classification societies and government agencies.
  • Prepares reports which describe inspection procedures and findings.
  • Prepares reports which describe inspection procedures and findings.
  1. Attends assigned vessels concerning engineering condition and performance.
    • Maintains assigned vessels in a condition which provides the highest probability of success in activation and subsequent operation in support of national defense objectives.
    • Manages the activation of assigned vessels on site.
    • Evaluates performance and operation of equipment during acceptance testing and shakedown cruises.
    • Monitors and reports on sea trials and makes needed arrangements to correct any deficiencies found.
    • Generates all specifications for voyage repairs, regulatory inspections / surveys, dry dockings and attendance by technicians, upgrades, alterations and outside Marine support.
  1. Ensures that vessels have proper certification items and compliance with all other relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures that all vessels have proper certificates on board and assists in the timely arrangement of vessel surveys.
  • Assures that USCG certification items and other regulatory body items are completed. Interfaces with local regulatory bodies to implement compliance with customer and government regulations.
  1. Safety
  • Supervises safety readiness of vessels and crew assigned.
  • Thoroughly familiar with Safety, Quality, Environmental Management Manual (SQEMM) and its application to assigned vessels.
  • Develops, implements, and monitors for effectiveness procedural and material safety initiatives.
  • Supports vessel senior officers’ efforts to instill and maintain a safety culture consistent with regulatory requirements and the SMS.
  • Assures that ship security services are properly provided.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assists the Company in any necessary duties to achieve Company goals.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Authority/Judgment/Disclosure/Financial Responsibility:


Little or no direct supervision.  A wide choice in selection, development and coordination of methods within broad framework of general policies.

Judgment Decisions:

Mistakes and errors in judgment are serious in nature, causing considerable loss of money, production time, or adversely affecting customer relations.

Disclosure of Information Selections:

This position involves regular work with some information which, if disclosed, might have adverse internal effect or objectionable outside results.

Financial Responsibility Selections:

Recommends and/or approves major capital expenditures involving the facility or equipment for use by an entire department or the organization.


  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of technical manuals, drawings, shipboard arrangement and organization, functioning of machinery, repair techniques, costs and report preparation
  • Intimate knowledge of various Maintenance & Repair software programs, both shoreside and shipboard
  • Possession of an active SECRET Security Clearance preferred (expiration of 2021 and later)
  • Experience in PENG, SAMM, SHIPCLIP, NS-Enterprise and/or comparable Maintenance Management software is a plus


Education (Must meet at least one of the following qualifications):

  1. Possess a minimum of three years’ experience as a Port Engineer having managed and negotiated at least two shipyard dry-docking availabilities with and value greater than three million dollars. Experience gained while employed by a shipyard or while serving active duty in the military may be applicable towards meeting this requirement if the duties and responsibilities of the positions are substantially the same as a Port Engineer. This experience shall demonstrate their ability to effectively manage and negotiate complex projects such as shipyard dry dock overhauls and other types of repairs.


  1. Possess a minimum of four years’ experience serving aboard Government or commercial ocean-going ships of not less than 4,000 HP as either a Chief Engineer or a First Assistant Engineer. This experience shall demonstrate effective management of maintenance and repair of ocean-going ships.


  1. Possess five years’ total experience that is comprised of one or more of the following:
    1. An engineering related degree (e.g. Marine Engineer, Marine Architecture; Mechanical Engineering). A bachelor’s degree will count for three years’ total education experience. A Master’s degree will count for four years’ total education experience. A doctorate degree will count for four years’ total education experience.
    2. Experience gained while employed by a shipyard in a management position
    3. Serving active duty in the military performing duties substantially the same as a Port Engineer

Physical Requirements of the Position:

Medium work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.

Visual Requirements of the Position:

Visual requirement equal to that for clerical administrative whose work deals largely with preparing and analyzing data and figures, accounting, transcription, computer terminal, extensive reading, etc. AND

Visual requirement equal to that for machine operators (without inspection), mechanics, and skilled tradespeople whose work deals with machines where the seeing job is at or within arm’s reach.