Harbor Captain/Operator

Location: Honolulu

Company: Foss Maritime

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Hawaii

Job Category: Logistics

Publish Date: October 12, 2020

Company Description: For more than a century, Foss Maritime has set the standard for marine transportation with leading edge technology, engineering, and shipbuilding. Combining global reach with local expertise, Foss is recognized for its state-of-the-art fleet, experienced and dedicated crews, knowledgeable customer service staff, and world-class engineers. Along with our independent subsidiaries the company employs thousands of people throughout the United States. With hundreds of tugs and barges we provide harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports – including the Columbia and Snake River system. Internationally, Foss supports customers across the Pacific Rim, in Europe, South America and the Arctic.


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Foss Maritime


You are responsible for the overall operations and performance of the tug and supervision of the crew. The various missions of a tug include, but are not limited to, the docking and undocking of ships and barges, marine construction support work and general towage of various vessels and equipment between ports.


Vessel Operation

  • Commands harbor tugs (conventional, Voith or Z-drives) in Near Coastal and Inland waterways to provide ship assist and escort services.
  • This includes mooring, docking, berthing, shifting of ships and/or barges,and properly and safely coordinating movements with harbor pilots via a VHF radio.
  • Ensures safe navigation of the tug and its tow at all times.
  • Signals passing vessels.
  • Maintains the vessels deck log.
  • Ensures all vessels documents are current and up to date.
  • Conducts required drills, training, and safety meetings and maintains records of such in the Vessel Maintenance System (VMS).
  • Conducts end ensures compliance with vessel maintenance and inspection requirements as prescribed in the Vessel Maintenance System (VMS).
  • Performs and oversees JSA (Job Safety Analysis) prior to operations.
  • Ensures prompt and accurate reporting of all equipment failures, illnesses, incidents, accidents and damages.
  • Resolves problems with customers.
  • Inspects vessels to ensure conformance with safety standards and Coast Guard regulations.
  • Maintains current knowledge of all maritime laws.

Crew Supervision

  • Directs and supervises crew members in safe and productive operation of the tug, its machinery and equipment.
  • Supervises, assigns, and directs vessel and equipment maintenance.
  • Holds crew accountable for their adherence to maritime law, company policies and procedures, and their individual performance/productivity.
  • Ensures all crew members have valid documentation as applicable to vessels trade.
  • Conducts annual written performance evaluation on vessel crewmembers
  • Participates in the interviewing of new deckhands and makes hiring recommendations
  • Evaluates new and existing deckhands and provides performance feedback to Port Captain.
  • Directs on-the-job training of new deckhands and ongoing training of all deck department personnel.
  • Trains and mentors Trainee Captains when assigned to the vessel.
  • Maintains order on vessel while in port and underway.
  • Assigns watches and breaks (and living quarters, as applicable) to crew members.
  • Counsels deckhands on inadequate performance and documents for employee records.
  • Issues reprimands and various forms of corrective action as the Captain deems appropriate.
  • Performs and participates in investigations of employee performance.
  • Participates in employee relations issues as management representative.
  • Attends regular Deck Officer Meetings and other meetings with Company management.


  • Must be capable of operating tugs of at least two of the following propulsion types:
  • ASD, Voith, and Conventional
  • Must be familiar with all aspects of routine harbor ship and barge work.
  • Must have current knowledge of all current maritime law.
  • Strong leadership qualities including ability to accomplish work through others, diplomacy, time management, and interpersonal relationship skills to effectively lead crews and interact with customers.
  • Strong managerial and supervisory skills and abilities.
  • Excellent communications skills and abilities, both verbal and written.


  • Required to possess a US Coast Guard Master’s License, 500 GRT or Greater (500 ITC) Near Coastal, with Towing Endorsement.
  • You must have valid radar observer.
  • endorsement and FCC marine radiotelephone operator permit.
  • STCW 95 endorsement preferred.
  • Due to the type of work associated with harbor towing, you need to work a rotational schedule.
  • High School or GED equivalent required.
  • Must have sufficient verbal, reading, and writing skills as necessitated by the job.
  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience operating harbor tugs of at least two propulsion types, ASD and Voith preferred.

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