DDE 4K (PNW Oceans)

Location: Seattle

Company: Foss Maritime

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Pacific Northwest

Job Category: Engineering

Publish Date: October 12, 2020

Company Description: For more than a century, Foss Maritime has set the standard for marine transportation with leading edge technology, engineering, and shipbuilding. Combining global reach with local expertise, Foss is recognized for its state-of-the-art fleet, experienced and dedicated crews, knowledgeable customer service staff, and world-class engineers. Along with our independent subsidiaries the company employs thousands of people throughout the United States. With hundreds of tugs and barges we provide harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports – including the Columbia and Snake River system. Internationally, Foss supports customers across the Pacific Rim, in Europe, South America and the Arctic.


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Foss Maritime


The Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) is responsible for the maintenance, preservation, operation, and readiness of the ship’s propulsion machinery, mechanical and electrical systems, and damage control equipment. The DDE is also responsible for fueling operations, pollution control, logs and record keeping. Depending on the vessel, the DDE may act as Chief Engineer or the engineer in charge of a watch in a periodically unmanned engine room.


Vessel Maintenance

  • Troubleshoots and repairs all engines, pumps, machinery, and electrical components
  • Ensures proper implementation of maintenance schedules for all engineering equipment
  • Maintains proper markings, tags, and color coding of various systems
  • Inspects, monitors, and checks system parameters of all auxiliary systems and machinery. Checks operating procedures, temperatures, pressures, and fluid levels
  • Maintains or ensures cleanliness of engineering spaces
  • Responsible for monthly engineering reports to be submitted to management
  • Maintains vessel parts inventory levels
  • Works on deck as needed: handles lines, makes/breaks tow


  • Responsible for proper maintenance of onboard alarms and safety systems
  • Responsible for safety of personnel in engine room

Supervisory and Leadership of Direct Staff

  • Supervises and trains junior engineers on maintenance procedures
  • Trains deckhand-engineers in preventive maintenance procedures


  • Strong maritime background with a thorough understanding of vessel operations and equipment capabilities/limitations
  • Ability to independently implement all routine engineering procedures
  • Implements appropriate casualty control measures in response to engineering casualties
  • Reads/interprets technical data, specifications, and drawings
  • Basic knowledge of welding and burning procedures and hot work safety precautions
  • Ability to safely transfer fuel and oils
  • Knowledge of MARPOL regulations and pollution prevention procedures
  • Maintenance and operation of bilge, ballast, fire, fresh water and sanitary systems
  • Ability to communicate, in English, across all written, spoken and listening levels


  • Must possess a valid USCG National Designated Duty Engineer License (4000 HP)
  • Must possess valid STCW 111/1 OICEW or STCW 111/3
  • Must possess a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Working Conditions:

Works in engine room in hot, wet, humid, noisy, and odorous conditions. Occasionally exposed to paints, solvents, thinners, and fumes.

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