Chief Engineer DDE Unlimited

Location: Honolulu

Company: Foss Maritime

Employment Type: Full Time

Region: Hawaii

Job Category: Engineering

Publish Date: October 12, 2020

Company Description: For more than a century, Foss Maritime has set the standard for marine transportation with leading edge technology, engineering, and shipbuilding. Combining global reach with local expertise, Foss is recognized for its state-of-the-art fleet, experienced and dedicated crews, knowledgeable customer service staff, and world-class engineers. Along with our independent subsidiaries the company employs thousands of people throughout the United States. With hundreds of tugs and barges we provide harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports – including the Columbia and Snake River system. Internationally, Foss supports customers across the Pacific Rim, in Europe, South America and the Arctic.


  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Foss Maritime


To oversee and maintain independently the proper and safe operation of vessel propulsion equipment and other machinery.


  • Prepares, operates, maintains, and repairs vessel propulsion equipment and other machinery properly and safely.
  • Performs general and preventive maintenance on vessel and vessel equipment.
  • Maintains engineering logs and fuel and lube reports.


  • Receives and discharges fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, and wastewater to and from vessel under the guidelines of regulatory agencies and Company policies.
  • Changes equipment filters and other replaceable parts when necessary.
  • Performs minor repairs to machinery and electrical systems.
  • Troubleshoots marine hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems and equipment.
  • Performs general housekeeping and sanitary duties.


  • Must have proficient knowledge of marine diesel engines, propulsion equipment, and other machinery.
  • Must be able to read, interpret, and understand manufacturers’ equipment manuals, drawings, and blueprints.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot and repair marine hydraulic, electric, and mechanical equipment.
  • Must possess sufficient verbal, reading, writing, and comprehension skills as necessitated by the job (i.e., reading and comprehending manufacturers’ equipment manuals, drawings, and blueprints, communicating with crew members and maintenance personnel, maintaining engineering logs and reports).


Must possess a US Coast Guard engineer’s license. Must complete company’s Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) for Chief Engineer within 90 days of effective hire or promotion date. A minimum of a Designated Duty Engineer with no horsepower limitations and with a STCW Certificate Endorsed for regulation III/2. Must possess a current Driver’s license. High school diploma or GED equivalent is required. Must possess at least, two (2) years of marine diesel engine experience. Must possess and submit your engine room sea time letters with your license.

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