Energy Distribution

Energy Distribution

North Star Petroleum: Providing Vital Distribution

North Star Petroleum (NSP) is Saltchuk’s petroleum distributor and marketer. NSP delivers over 200 million gallons of petroleum and lubricants in Alaska and Hawaii each year. Its customers are the states’ residents, as well as their fishery, mining and construction industries. North Star is the largest petroleum and lubricant distributor in Alaska, and the largest independent marketer on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Saltchuk’s Energy Distribution Business

Our energy distribution business utilizes our marine transportation capabilities in the Alaska and Hawaii communities where North Star Petroleum plays an essential role. NSP brings a strong culture of safety and responsibility to the Saltchuk network, as well a dependable source of income and 100% dedication to the protection of the pristine environments of Alaska and Hawaii.

Services Provided

  • Fuel and lubricants distribution
  • Wholesale product purchase from refiners and marketers
  • Domestic and international marine transportation coordination
  • Retail locations and convenience stores

Quick Facts

  • $800+M annual revenue
  • 900+ employees
  • 3.5 million gallons of petroleum products sold weekly
  • 9 tank farms with 20+ million gallon capacity
  • 15 convenience stores in Hawaii