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TOTE Maritime and Walmart partner to deliver more than 300 Toys to Puerto Rico

December 20, 2017

Toys arrive in San Juan on Dec 1 for the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto RicoTOTE Maritime Puerto Rico in partnership with Walmart delivered more than 300 toys for boys and girls of all ages to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico today.

The toys will be distributed to children and their families later this week in time for Christmas and the upcoming holidays.

This is part of TOTE Maritime’s ongoing commitment to the people of Puerto Rico to do all that it can to provide relief and recovery support following Hurricane Maria. TOTE Maritime has been working around the clock to respond to the impact of Hurricane Maria since September20th. TOTE Maritime employees on the island have worked every day since the storm hit.

The toy drive was led and supported by the employees of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico as well as TOTE’s employees around the country.

“The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico has been critical to providing food, community programming and safe spaces for the children of Puerto Rico” noted Eduardo Pagan, TOTE Maritime’s VP and General Manager, Caribbean Services. “We hope that these toys will, in some small way, help families enjoy a bit of this holiday season despite the many challenges that families continue to face.”

The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico will be distributing the toys to families and children on December 21.

Cart at Walmart filled with toys ready to be loaded to a TOTE Maritime ship

Foss Provides Meals and Homes for Hundreds of First Responders in Devastated Puerto Rico

December 20, 2017

SEATTLE, Wash.,  – From hearty meals to comfortable sleeping quarters for first responders, Foss Maritime has been supporting the relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Foss Maritime Receives Safety AwardFoss Maritime has been working in conjunction with U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide housing and fresh meals to hundreds of first responders.

In the months since the storms hit in September, Foss has used three accommodation vessels as “floating hotels” for hundreds of workers during the recovery work—including workers from the U.S. Department of Defense, FEMA and AmeriCorps—providing food, comfort and a place to sleep after long shifts. Two Foss vessels served as sleeping quarters, while a third was used for food preparation and support. The ocean-going tugs Lauren Foss and Corbin Foss stood alongside to provide additional support, along with Foss employees and subcontractors who provided catering, laundry and cleaning for relief workers’ rooms.

In addition to caring for responders, Foss also produced around 3,000 boxed meals a day. To help support economic recovery, the meals included local ingredients whenever possible. Bread was purchased from local bakeries and meat and other perishables were sourced from nearby businesses. A local milk delivery company was hired by FEMA to deliver the meals throughout the communities.

“We hear stories everyday about the work that is being done, and what still needs to be done—especially in the mountain regions,” said Mike Lauer, Director of Marine Transportation Project Services for Foss. “We’re happy and proud to be part of these efforts. Most of the responders are working non-stop, 12 hours or more a day, every single day. It’s exhausting work, so Foss has focused on making sure everyone is well-fed and comfortable, with a place to rest.”

Ninety-five percent of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid was destroyed in the storms, with the interior most hard-hit. Ongoing rehabilitation of the island, support for its people and the restoration of its economy will take time, but services are starting to return as workers make progress. Puerto Rico’s main energy ports—Yabucoa, Ponce, Guayanilla, and San Juan—have all reopened for business. Communications are coming back online as are cellular networks. Electrical equipment is being delivered to ports so the extensive damage can be repaired.

“This has been an impressive undertaking,” said Lauer from Ponce, Puerto Rico where he was on-hand to assist in operations. “There are an incredible amount of volunteers, through groups like FEMA Core, AmeriCorps and others that are in the communities every day, knocking on doors, educating people about resources, and providing every kind of aid—even cutting trees out of homes. The thing that has made the largest impression on me is just how much our federal government is doing for Puerto Rico. Honestly, being here and seeing this, it makes me thankful to be an American citizen.”

Although FEMA contracts are wrapping up, Foss will remain in the region to assist as needed through continuing recovery efforts.

TOTE Maritime Partnering with Organizations around Puerto Rico to Provide Relief

November 17, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico –  Since Hurricane Maria hit on September 20th, TOTE Maritime has delivered more than 17,000 containers of relief and commercial cargo to the island with an additional 2,500 containers scheduled to arrive in the next week.  This includes:

  • more than 8,000 generators
  • more than 4 million gallons of water
  • 765,000 bags of ice

In addition to bringing vital goods to the island, TOTE Maritime employees in Puerto Rico have supported more than 20 organizations throughout the island and hosted community events each week to distribute food, fuel, water and other items necessary for day to day life.

Below are some of the main organizations TOTE Maritime has partnered with over the last two months to support diverse and critical relief efforts throughout the island.

Para La Naturaleza

Eduardo Pagán, Vice President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, together with Fernando Lloveras, Executive Director of Para la Naturaleza, joined efforts to support more than 800 families in four different areas of the Island: San Cristóbal community in the center town of Barranquitas; the Esperanza community in the north town of Manatí; Punta Pozuelo community in the southeast municipality of Guayama; and the Island of Culebra. Arriving early in the morning, employees gathered to prepare food for the community, and later distributed basic need products, groceries, an ice bag, bottled water boxes and 20,000 gallons of potable water to each family. The consumer goods company Unilever also supported this effort providing various hygiene and cleaning items for all the impacted communities. The collaboration will continue to support the communities until no longer needed.

“As soon as we received the offer from TOTE Maritime, we did not hesitate to add their efforts to the Community Fund Para la Naturaleza, which was created after Hurricanes Irma and María. We will continue to reach the communities most in need – the commitment we have with them is long term. In the first instance, we want to support them in their stabilization process, but beyond that, our interest is to help them create the conditions for stronger and more sustainable communities to emerge,” said Fernando Lloveras San Miguel, President of Para la Naturaleza.”

Para la Naturaleza is an organization that brings together all people who seek a sustainable future for Puerto Rico, facilitates transformative experiences in nature, conserves land of high ecological value, encourages the taking of responsibility for our natural resources and promotes public policy that would result in the protection of these natural resources. After the passage of Hurricane María the organization created the Para la Naturaleza Community Fund to bring aid directly to the communities directly around key ecological areas and support rebuilding efforts.

Centro Tau of the Ricky Martin Foundation

In mid-October, TOTE Maritime delivered containers filled with fuel, stoves and medicine on behalf of Monica Puig and Maria Sharapova who visited the island to distribute these items at the Centro Tau of the Ricky Martin Foundation in the municipality of Loíza.

“I am so thankful for the help that TOTE Maritime has given me with my relief efforts for Puerto Rico. To be able to have the supplies shipped to the island in such a fast, safe and efficient manner means the world to me and enabled to make it possible to hand out all these products to the people that needed it so badly” noted Ms. Puig, a Puerto Rican tennis player and the reigning Olympic champion.


TOTE Maritime has been collaborating with P.E.C.E.S. in the southeast town of Humacao. This organization fosters social, economic, educational development of individuals and communities in social disadvantage. The community received a donation and container transportation of 4,000 bags of ice from TOTE Maritime.

Hogar El Buen Pastor

TOTE Maritime donated meals, water, ice, adult diapers and cleaning and hygiene products in the elderly home El Bueno Pastor located in the city of Guaynabo, and impacting over 50 elderly people.

Elderly Task Force

In partnership with the Government of Puerto Rico, TOTE Maritime donated ground transportation to deliver products donated, such as canned fruits, juices and crackers for elderly around the island. These items were donated by different entities such as by Econo Supermarket, PRS, Mars, Unilever and Welch’s.

Hunger Fight Meals

TOTE Maritime employees from Jacksonville together with the Hunger Fight Meals organization prepared over 5,000 meal kit.  Each meal kit will feed a family of 4 and includes rice and beans, oatmeal and macaroni and cheese. The entity is focus on providing nutritious meals to children and families deemed food insecure and hungry and is partnering with a number of organizations interested in delivering meals to those in Puerto Rico.

TOTE Maritime – Supporting Employees and their families

As part of TOTE Maritime’s efforts to help the Puerto Rican people move forward, the company initially focused on providing basic necessities to each employee and their families including items such as electric generators, propane burners, battery fans and other critical items.

Even though all of TOTE Maritime’s employees in Puerto Rico were significantly impacted by Hurricane Maria, it was TOTE’s employees who identified urgent needs around the island and developed weekly programs for supporting various communities and diverse needs.

Together with its partners, TOTE Maritime is committed to meeting to the immediate needs of the island while also supporting the long-term regeneration of the island’s economy which is critical for the people and communities of Puerto Rico as they adjust to life after Hurricane Maria.

TOTE Maritime has served Puerto Rico and its communities for the last 35 years. With the world’s first liquefied natural gas powered ships serving the market, TOTE Maritime can provide twice weekly deliveries to the island.

TOTE Maritime Playing Critical Role in Delivery of Relief Goods to Puerto Rico

October 26, 2017

Jacksonville, FL – TOTE Maritime, through its partnerships with diverse organizations and individuals such as Monica Puig and the American Red Cross, is playing a leading role in the delivery of relief cargo to Puerto Rico.

Eduardo Pagan, TOTE Maritime VP in Puerto Rico and Monica Puig helped coordinate the distribution of relief supplies.

Earlier this week, TOTE Maritime delivered containers filled with fuel, stoves and medicine on behalf of Monica Puig and Maria Sharapova who visited the island to distribute these items. “I am so thankful for the help that TOTE Maritime has given me with my relief efforts for Puerto Rico. To be able to have the supplies  shipped to the island in such a fast, safe and efficient manner means the world to me and enabled to make it possible to hand out all these products to the people that needed it so badly”  noted Ms. Puig, a Puerto Rican tennis player and the reigning Olympic champion.

TOTE Maritime has also worked closely with customers and non-profit organizations to meet the ever changing and increasing needs of the island.

Chris Swartz, Director of AJC Logistics noted “TOTE Maritime’s efforts to support our company, our customers and, most importantly, the people on the island have been extraordinary. Their flexibility and solutions oriented approach in this time of crisis is ensuring the timely delivery of relief goods while sustaining and reinvigorating the island’s economy. They are the leader of refrigerated cargo shipment to the island.  Reliable refrigerated cargo delivery means restaurants, retailers and hotels are open and people are able to get back to work and support their families.”

Sergio Sandrin, President of Aquagulf Transport, commented “Since Maria hit Puerto Rico, we have worked closely with TOTE Maritime to keep our customers supply chain moving forward. Over the last month, at every step along the way, TOTE has clearly communicated the challenges and worked with us on solutions.”

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico team in San Juan

TOTE Maritime and its partners are committed to meeting to the immediate needs of the island while also supporting the long-term regeneration of the island’s economy which is critical for the people and communities of Puerto Rico as they adjust to life after Hurricane Maria.

“We are appreciative for the partnership with TOTE Maritime to support the people of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria,” said Lauren Ulrich, Director of Logistics Support for Disaster Cycle Services at the American Red Cross. “TOTE’s commitment to people, communities and the environment make them a good disaster response partner.”

Since Hurricane Maria, TOTE Maritime has delivered more than 9300 containers of relief good and cargo to the island. The Isla Bella arrived yesterday with more than 1040 containers and the Perla del Caribe will arrive this weekend.


Hawaii Petroleum Receives Maui Nonprofit Directors’ Association Award –

October 20, 2016


“Community Business Award”hpi

Maui, Hawaii – The Maui Nonprofit Directors Association recently announced its award recipients at its 2016 Legislative Pau Hana event.  Hawaii Petroleum was awarded the “Community Business Award” recognizing their impressive work as an outstanding business leader in the non-profit community.

Hawaii Petroleum has a long history of community giving, donating thousands of dollars to charitable organizations and fundraising events throughout the Big Island and Maui County.   One such program is Hawaii Petroleum’s popular Ohana Fuels “Fuel up. Do good.” program.  Ohana Fuels partners with nonprofit organizations serving the needs of the local community by donating a portion of the proceeds of every gallon of gasoline sold at its stations in that community. Donations from gasoline sales during the first half of this year on the islands of Maui and the Big Island were more than $30,000.

In addition to its donations from the “Fuel up. Do good.” program, so far in 2016 Hawaii Petroleum has donated $77,499 to local communities, $45,000 of which is their contribution to Saltchuk’s Hawaii Regional Giving Program.  Hawaii Petroleum is a subsidiary of Saltchuk, a Seattle-based privately owned family of diversified transportation and distribution companies.  Saltchuk prides itself on its commitment to community giving and support, calling it the very heart of the company’s culture.  Over the past decade, Saltchuk companies have given an average of $2.5 million each year, totaling more than $20 million in cash and in-kind support to the communities in which they operate.

image1Hawaii Petroleum is proud to support local organizations and their missions that are important to their customers.  Kimo Haynes, Hawaii Petroleum President, said, “It’s an honor to receive this award.  As you know, community giving is a big part of our culture, both personally and professionally.  As a local company, our business only exists because of our community, and we feel it’s important to give back”.

Paul Tonnessen, President of the Maui Nonprofit Directors Association says, “The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui was fortunate along with numerous other nonprofits to financially benefit from the generosity of Hawaii Petroleum. We have completed a variety of educational projects that have impacted the children of abuse and neglect dramatically. Hawaii Petroleum is always reaching out to the nonprofits in various ways including the ability to participate in their quarterly give back from the fuel sales. This also allows the nonprofits the use of the Minit Stops to conduct car washes which brings not only additional revenue to the agencies but also gives them exposure in the community.  I am honored to have not only recommended Hawaii Petroleum for the “Community Business Award” but to also see that the rest of the Maui nonprofits felt the same during the voting process.  The nonprofit community recognizes the difference they have made and how they continue to impact the lives of those in need in our community. Hawaii Petroleum has and continues to show us all the true meaning of giving.”

Hawaii Petroleum Inc. is a leading independent distributor of petroleum products and lubricants on the islands of Maui and Hawaii.  Learn more at